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Gambling Websites Blocker with Gamban

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gamban works with universities around the world to provide free protection for students. Once an education institution has been ‘white-listed’, unlimited members of students can obtain free protection on up to three devices with a verified education email address.

gamban? encourages responsible operators to include information on gamban? as a practical resource for individuals requiring an effective tool to help restrict access to online gambling. gamban? do not take [gambling] industry donations but are willing to work with operators with the intention of raising visibility of a crucially important resource in the toolkit of those wishing to self-exclude from online gambling.
Many operators include information on Responsible Gambling pages

To see some examples, please visit:

Colossus Bets:

Please copy/paste this into your responsible gambling page on your website:

“If you wish to self-exclude from all online gambling sites and platforms, consider downloading gamban? at”

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email

Read more about Gambling blocks for IPhone… (visit

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