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Butterfly knife online shopping Kyiv by Steelclaw

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Butterfly knife online shopping in Kyiv right now: On the site in the catalog you can also see perfectly polished stainless steel knives, which are decorated with beautiful and stylish engraving. There is also a large selection of handles from a wide variety of materials. Decorative elements made of mother-of-pearl, horns or animal bones, bronze and cupronickel castings can be added to the handle. Since there are a large number of models in the catalog, the price for them varies. SteelClaw offers its users both unique knives made of excellent and unusual materials, which are more expensive. So are the average, but proven models. All prices can be conveniently sorted according to your needs. Discover more details at

Mora Knives are all made in Morakniv, Sweden. They’ve been making knives since 1891, producing some of the highest quality knives on the market, everything from entry level knives to the one highlighted at the show, the Mora Garberg with survival kit. The Garberg has been out for a few years. It has a high-quality stainless steel blade and full tank with polymer grip. What makes this one different is that it comes with a ferro rod and knife sharpener on the polymer sheath with leather belt loop. OCASO is out of Southern California, launched just 4 months ago. The idea behind the brand is to create an executive-style, light, slick-looking knives that you can carry in a suit or dress pant. They are working with some great knife designers.

Opinel and Victorinox are by no means the Alpha and the Omega of the pocket knife world, but their overall influence and well-earned respect cannot go without mention – as, together, they changed the landscape of the knife world forever. And the fact that both of these family-owned behemoths still exist and craft many of the same knives that made them famous is impressive in its own right. However, what is perhaps the most interesting coincidence surrounding these two companies is how closely in time they came into existence while still traversing two vastly differing yet similarly influential paths.

Butterfly knives, also known as balisongs, are pocket knives with two counter-rotating handles around the tang that close over the blade to conceal it in the hands. The design of these folding butterfly knives allows you to quickly unfold the blade when you need it most. offers a high quality selection of functional butterfly knives for show or play in addition to practice butterfly knives that are perfect for learning the art of flipping. Which butterfly knives are prohibited? Along with butterflies, the Law on Weapons prohibits the circulation of knives, the blades of which are either automatically removed from the handle when a button or lever is pressed and fixed by them, provided that the length of the blades is more than 90 mm.

So find that perfect pocket knife and carry it with you every day. Over a thousand years of history and development have given you the opportunity to get your hands on one of the most useful tools mankind has ever known. One that you’ll probably end up using a lot more than you might think. And if you’ve already got a solid EDC pocket folder, it doesn’t mean you can’t expand your choices. Try something new. Add some alternative options to your collection. There’s a world of heritage and progress that has gone into every single pocket knife. And it would be a real shame not to explore it.

Buck kept everything people love about the classic Buck 110: It has a tried-and-true back lock design. The neutral handle shape with textured handle scales makes for a comfortable and secure grip in wet or dry conditions. The hollow ground blade is a real slicer. I love that Buck updated this knife and kept the manufacturing here in the U.S., which is rare for knives in this price category. If you’re on a tight budget but still want quality, it’s going to be very hard to beat this updated classic.

Bestech highlighted the first release of 2023, a new variant of the Mothus line. A premium-line knife with droppoint blade, M390 steel, and titanium with a lot of details and milling work. Bestech mothus knifeThe designer holding his Mothus knife. It also has reversible pocket clip for lefties. It’s fidget-friendly that has just hit the market with seven different finishes and colors. BnB is a third generation knife company that started in the 1960 and is based in Pakistan. They have 60 forgers, and specialize in Damascus steel. The knife they highlighted was one that they brought out last year but is one of their top five sellers, the Tac Hunter.

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