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Best rated comic books online shopping today

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Quality comic books online shop by Onlinecomicbookstore? Are comics still worth collecting? Yes! Some comic books, especially origin issues, can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, such as Action Comics #1 worth about half a million dollars. Today, with companies like the CGC and eBay, even modern comics can be worth a considerable amount of money like Ultimate Fallout 4. Discover additional details on online comic books shop. Key Issues: Check out the online comic book stores that specializes in selling big key issues! Key issues are comic books that have a significant event occur in them like the first appearance of a new character.

Everyone loves the story of Dr Bruce Banner and his big green giant side, better known as – The Incredible Hulk. The comic book was written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and in his first appearance, Hulk was actually grey! Furthermore, In August 2014, the comic book sold for more than $326,000! Coming in at number eleven is another pretty famous comic book – Captain America #1. Written by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, it features the first-ever appearance of Captain America. It’s also famous for its cover image, which shows Captain America landing a right hook on Adolf Hitler!

A modern character who ran contrary to the established lore of what a hero should be in many ways. Unlike the whiter than white Captain America, Wolverine was a grey character from the outset. His origins were a mystery for decades, with only hints as to where he truly came from. All that was known was that he was a mutant, far older than he appeared, and had been experimented on in the past and given an Adamantium skeleton and claws by an unknown party. Eventually, his origins were fleshed out and much of the mystery washed away. But what remained was a character that stood apart. He wasn’t relatable, like Spider-Man, or the subject of wish-fulfilment like Superman. Wolverine was an outsider, who managed to make friends, and a loner who joined just about every team there is. He’s bad tempered, rude, arrogant.. and yet he’s also spiritual and wise. It’s these many contradictions which make him so appealing.

With the introduction of House of X/Powers of X in 2019, the entire X-Men line at Marvel got a reboot, thanks to Jonathan Hickman, R.B. Silva, and Pepe Larrazz. Thanks to that retcon/reboot, every X-title from Marauders, to X-Force, X-Calibur and the main X-Men title has seen a seismic shift in how mutantdom functions and is represented across Marvel comics. The X-men and mutantdom at large are currently “immortal and have made a home of Krakoa, the island-sized mutant from Giant Sized X-Men #1. Former villains like Mr. Sinister and Magneto now sit side by side with Storm, Professor X and Cyclops as they try to steer mutants at large towards a new future. If you’ve never read an X-Men comic or just remember them from the cartoons in the 1990s, the HoX/PoX era is a great time to jump in. While many of the new X-books are incredible, Sabretooth caught our eye for its examination of one of the most feral and brutal villains the X-Men have to face. With mutants enjoying immortality, the Quiet Council ruling over decisions must decide how to punish the “bad ones. Sabretooth not only examines the bloody history of the character, it’s also a look into how prisoners are treated and the mechanisms used to rehabilitate them. Writer Victor LaValle asks ‘who are prisons for’ while Leonard Kirk’s art paints a genuinely horrific picture of the murderous side of Sabretooth. Read even more details on

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