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Best rain forests in the world and all-over-print (AOP) clothing with forest images

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China’s tropical rainforests were once huge. Today, however, most of China’s influence on forests exists solely on the consumption side. At home and away, China are world leaders in illegal logging operations. China’s tropical rainforests have declined by at least 67% in the last 30 years. Abroad, Chinese firms have actively cleared huge areas of rainforests as well as sponsoring large agriculture, infrastructure and oil and mining development projects throughout the world’s rainforests. Some good news is that Hainan Island, the country’s smallest and southernmost province, is home to the largest and best-preserved tropical rainforest in China. Much of the area is now protected and is seldom visited, even though 25 million tourists visit the island each year.

The Primorsky Krai Region in Siberia borders the Pacific Ocean and China. It’s interestingly known for its temperate climate in the cold frames of the barren snowscapes of Russia. This picturesque region is also one of the best and last examples of temperate forests in eastern Asia. Primorsky Krai is a treasure cove of natural discoveries: its rich flora, the colorful landscapes, the glistening seas, and its healing springs. There are actually more than 500 unique, natural sites in the region, all ranging from waterfalls and volcanoes to hollowed caves and clear, blue lakes under cloudless skies. Who would’ve thought this tropical paradise was hiding in a place famous for its winters? Get ready to travel to Russia for an amazingly memorable trip! is a nature themed online shop. You can find all types of merchandise that can be customized with images from nature. Bed sheets, clothing, wall art and more. Our Mission is to Bring Natures BEAUTY to YOUR Life and Home. Wall Art: canvas, framed canvas or posters, All-Over-Print (AOP) clothing and many other products from unique El Yunque rain forest images and other images from Nature. So, what are you waiting for? Checkout and start shopping now! Discover more info on Wall art with natural parks images.

Papua New Guinea: Papua rainforest is among those with the most diverse and unique animal and plant species on earth because of its dense mangrove trees. It is shared by two countries – Indonesia provinces of West Irian Jaya and Papua to the west and Papua New Guinea on the eastern side. Two thirds of the plant and animal species in the forest are in New Guinea. The unique animals include carnivorous mice, giant pigeons, kangaroos with the ability to climb trees, and big rats. The forest also hosts the largest number of orchip species on the planet.

El Yunque on Puerto Rico’s east side is the only rainforest included in the US National Forest Service and it is known for its rare trees and birds. It is one of the smallest rainforests, but has a diverse habitat. As of January 2018 El Yunque is closed as it recovers from the massive damage sustained during Hurricane Maria, but you can continue to check their website and plan a trip as soon as it reopens. Here are some things to know before you go. Discover extra info at The 4 large peaks (El Yunque, El Toro, East Peak and El Cacique) survived the erosion of millions of years and 100 Billions gallons of water per year because they are crystalized minerals from ancient volcanos – very hard materials. The rest of the ground just melts in the rain. But then the millions of roots hold the ground firmly. And most cities and beaches nearby are the result of millions of years of erosion from this center of endless rainfall from the African Trade-Winds (Vientos Alisios).

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