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Top CoC gems generator strategies

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Clash of Clans is an awesome strategy game for mobile devices that is extremely popular even years after launch. You can also enjoy Clash of Clans on PC if you install a Android emulator like Nox or Bluestacks. First, a quick explainer of what “Clash of Clans” is and what the ultimate goals are. The game is based around building, and then protecting, a village and attacking the villages of others. As the game progresses — signalled by a higher level Town Hall, the centerpiece of the village — it becomes harder, more expensive, and longer. There are various types of defences (from the cannon to the X-Bow), various types of troops (such as the “hog rider” or Golem), different sets of “heroes” (unlocked at higher levels), and an assortment of other things that you will discover as you progress.

Clan Games: The introduction of clan games is probably my favorite update in clash history. The simple challenges give you points, and if enough people in your clan participate, you can get a lot of great rewards. Welcome to Clash of Clans. Town hall 1-5 is all about being active and upgrading as much as possible. The attacking strategies are all based on personal preference while your base is at this stage, but I recommend using giants and archers. Early game upgrades can be very annoying, but make sure to never spend gems on finishing them. Always save them for future updates or builders. Read more info on CoC hack.

A quick YouTube search nets you the ideal configuration for your base at every level. Supercell, the developer of the game, has a multitude of videos [Broken Link Removed] you can choose based on your level. Each contains a guide on how to place your walls and buildings in an ideal configuration to fend off attackers. You need a solid defense to avoid losing your gold and elixir.

Waiting for gold and elixir to stockpile is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but since acquiring gold and elixir is necessary to to purchase constructions, create your army, and for upgrades, this hack is indispensable. Want to earn free gems without breaking the bank? Don’t have an eternity waste to earning the hundreds of gems you need, waiting the weeks or days for gem boxes to be visible in your base? Our Clash of Clans hack is the safest and fastest solution. Source:

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