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Streakfree washable reusable cloth online shopping

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We sell a chemical free cleaning cloth that cleans any surface streak free, spot free, lint free with just water, washable and reusable for 3 years. This is the original streakfree cloth made in USA. Cleans mirrors, glass, windshields, stainless steel, granite top counters spot free lint free. The most fabulous cleaning cloth ever, clean almost everything with just water. See more details on Chemical free washable reusable cleaning cloth.

Anything with “As Seen On TV” in the name tickles my skeptic’s antennae, but a good friend recommended it, so I tried it. So glad I did! It’s absolutely true to its claims. If there’s any sort of greasy residue on the glass, I recommend hitting it first with windex and a paper towel. Which will leave streaks. Then remove the streaks with this. You can do the whole job with Streak Free, but you’re going to have to rinse it out with soapy water a time or two before you’re done. For most dirt, Streak Free alone works just fine.

These are great finishing cloths which leave a streak free finish after using a glass cleaner to take away the smudges. I purchased a number of picture frames which came with smudged glass on both sides. This product works wonders – my wife calls them “miracle cloths.” These are the best things since chocolate. they clean the windows so good. I had some that I got 5 years ago and they were getting so old and I’m so glad that I found them again. I have told so many people about them. It makes cleaning windows so much easier.

The Streak Free Microfiber Cloth fiber is made from a special yarn that is 0.1 denier, an ultra fine Micro fiber. This filament is very fine, strong and is virtually lint-free. The wedge-shaped polyester shown in this cross section, together with the core nylon, fits the surface of any object and gathers dust efficiently.

Machine wash with laundry detergent or hand wash with dish soap in hot water. Rinse thoroughly. Using bleach will shorten the life of your micro fiber cloths. Do not use fabric softener (fabric softener leaves a film on the cloth and decreases its effectiveness). Be careful when machine washing or drying in mixed loads as micro fiber cloths will pick up lint from other fabrics. Air-dry or put in dryer on low to medium heat. Source:

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